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A unique blend of high potency herbal extracts, containing �Gymnema sylvestre� for reducing glucose in the blood.

Specific for "Insulino-dependent" patients.

Adult: -10 drops 2 times daily (3 times daily in acute conditions).
Children: - 5 drops 2 times daily (3 times daily in acute conditions).
Advice: - The above dosage is only "indicative". Patients will either have to adapt (decrease or increase) the dosage according to their glucose levels.
Gradually increase the number of drops by 3 to 5, while at the same time decreasing the Insulin injection by 1 to 2 units.
You will need to find an equilibrium between the increase of the number of drops of "Gymnema" and the decrease of the "Insulin", until you can eventually stop the injections.
One cannot just stop the "Insulin" injections within a few days; it usually takes a few months and patients should ensure that glucose levels are within acceptable range before stopping the injections.

Pierce 2 holes in the internal cap for the solution to flow in drops.

Pour in 50ml of hot water, wait until it is cold & drink before meals. You can even take it after meals in case you have missed it before meals.

Use half an hour before meals if you want to reduce appetite.
Avoid taking the herbal tincture close to any dairy products.

Price : Rs 175.00
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